Dirt Racing

DIRTcar Racing has put together some nice point funds for Members of DIRTcars premier West Coast Late Model Series, the Western Allstars Late Model Series, Northwest Late Model Series and the Pacific Region Championships. You can now enter by getting 4x4 hire which meats the standards. From their you can enter and race other drivers to see who's the best. You can win alot of money, Nearly $20,000 total! Congratulations to the drivers for a great 2009 season.

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2009 Was a very successful season for three west coast drivers. Bobby Hogge IV capped off a fantastic 2009 season by winning the final round of the Western Allstars season and Kings Speedway and was crowned the 2009 Series Champion!

Jeremy Shank and John Duty had the tightest championship batle in recent memory while battling for the inagural DIRTcar Northwest Late Model Series Championship. Jeremy Shank was crowned the 2009 Series Champion.

21 Year Old Nick Bartels showed consistency is the name of the game by competing in every round of the Western Allstars Series and making the trip from El Segundo to the great Northwest to compete in several Northwest Late Model Series events. His dedication and consistency paid off with young Bartels being crowned the DIRTcar Pacific Region Champion.

In an attempt to help out the trick-or-treaters and get us all out of there at a reasonable time Kings Speedway is hosting the Final Points Race of the 2009 Western Allstars on Saturday October 31st for a special daytime event.

Drivers Meeting will start at 1:00pm with wheel packing and Hot Laps to follow. Qualifying is scheduled to start around 3:00pm.

2009 Western All-Stars DIRTcar Late Model Series Rules


2300 pounds minimum track scale weight.

After any heat, last chance or feature, an additional weight allowance will be given at the rate of 1 lb. per lap for fuel burn off. (For example, 10 laps = 10 lbs, 50 laps = 50 lbs, 100 laps = 100 lbs. )

At certain events weight breaks may be allowed for steel block (2250) and crate engine (2200) cars.

2) Standard dirt late model bodies.

OEM style nose piece. No wedge noses. Nose piece can extend a maximum of fifty-two inches (52") from center of hub to farthest point extending forward. (See attached diagram)

52" from center of rear hub to top of rear deck. (See attached diagram)

103" minimum / 105" maximum wheel base (either side)

No side boards.

Minimum drivers side window opening 12".

Spoiler 8" tall and 72" across.

Max deck height 38".

Roof height between 45" minimum and 48" maximum.

The door to door measurement cannot exceed seventy-six inches (76") in width at the top of the doors. The door to door measurement cannot exceed eighty two inches

(82") in width at the bottom in the center of the car.

Roof side panel window size must be a minimum of ten by fifteen inches (10'' x 15'').

The window area may be covered with clear lexan or equivalent, be cut out, or be represented by a decal. Both roof support openings must be covered or both must be left open. Left and right side window panels must match. A maximum bow of two inches (2'') outward on the window side panels as viewed from behind will be permitted. (See attached diagram-window side panel)

The front fender flares cannot extend beyond the front tires more than one inch (1") per side to a maximum width, edge to edge, of ninety inches (90'') in width with wheels pointed straight. (See attached diagram)

Cockpit adjustable components are NOT permitted, except brake bias adjusters. Adjusters for adjustable shocks, hydraulic or pneumatic weight jacks, trackers, ignition boxes or similar

adjustable components of any kind are NOT permitted inside the cockpit of the car or within reach of the seated driver.